How To Change/Update My Personal Details

Change Personal Area

Edit account details section allows you to manage your Customer Area login information and your personal details related with your account. Initially we use the information you provided during your sign-up. It is recommended to keep the information up-to-date at all times as it helps us to identify you as the owner of the account and contact you for important events associated with your account.

  • Where is My Details section located?
  • Change/update owner's details

Where is My Details section located?

To access My Details section first you need to be logged into your Customer Area .You can see your name with HELLO at the right hand corner of the header of your Customer Area.

Change/update owner's details

In the Change Password section you can also change the Password for your Customer Area. To do this, simply enter your current password and fill in twice with the new desired one then click save changes button.

My Details section allows you to edit the name, postal and email address associated with your account.

Please note that changing your Customer Area password does not change the password for accessing your hosting account cPanel.